Crown and Bridge

Do you have gaps in your smile or damaged teeth? Crowns can repair damaged teeth, while bridges can be used to replace missing teeth.

Same-Day Crowns

Single-visit convenience, High-tech accuracy, Natural, tooth-colored crowns, Metal free, Preserves more healthy tooth material and Extremely precise for long-lasting, natural results.

A dental crown is used to restore a severely damaged tooth and can be used in conjunction with other dental restoration procedures such as root canals, dental bridges, and dental implants. A dental crown is basically a protective helmet for a weakened tooth that prevents further damage and completely encompasses the tooth above the gumline.

A dental bridge may be used to restore one or more missing teeth. We offer different types of dental bridges such as Maryland bonded dental bridges, cantilever bridges, and traditional bridges.

We offer a variety of materials that can be used to complete your dental crown or dental bridge procedure. During your consultation, your dentist will discuss the available materials and/or types of procedures and recommend how to best achieve your desired results.

If your dental bridge or dental crown fell out, your dentist can easily repair your dental restoration to prevent further damage or infection.

Dental crown cost and dental bridge cost will vary depending on the type of procedure and the materials used. To book your dental bridge or dental crown consult with our dentist, call (630) 613-8942 today.

At Ace Dental Center in Chicago, Lombard, Rockford IL

We believe that quality dentistry shouldn’t look like dentistry at all. We carefully create dental crowns and dental bridges to blend in seamlessly with your natural smile so your dental restorations remain undetectable.
crowns and bridges

Dental Financing

Financing is Available for All Services. At Ace Dental Center we make sure that all our services are affordable to suit your budget.
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