How to Have a Full-Arch Day, Everyday

14 Jul
Dr Azam Saeed

Dentistry is an incredibly meticulous field of medicine. It deals with fractions of millimeters to ensure the best fitting solution for patients. Even simpler cases such as single unit restorations take a considerable amount of work and pre-existing expertise to address effectively. This is particularly true for cases that involve more thorough and complex solutions, such as full-arch restorations. 

Luckily, the rise of digital workflows in the realm of dentistry has allowed dentists to execute even these cases efficiently and accurately. Restorations would usually have taken considerably longer with more cumbersome analog methods. But with digital dentistry, they are achieved with much less time and inconvenience for both the practice and the patient. 

One such dentist who has been gaining success in this specialization is Dr. Azam Saeed, the owner of Ace Dental Center with branches in Lombard, Hoffman Estates, and Chicago. 

Dr. Saeed’s 10-year expertise lies in delivering full-arch solutions, full mouth rehabilitation, and more straightforward procedures like veneers. To share his expertise, he joined us in this episode of Evident’s Digital Dentist Series and discussed how digital dentistry and other best practices are instrumental in performing successful full-arch restorations.

Dr. Saeed’s Dentistry Roots 

From an early age, Dr. Saeed knew that he wanted to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a dentist. Growing up with his mother in the field and being groomed for dentistry since the age of six, he had a unique opportunity to learn and develop his skills very early on. 

Dr. Saeed attended Midwestern University in Arizona for dental school and initially considered specializing in oral surgery. However, he decided to join his mother’s practice and began his career by focusing on orthodontic procedures, including braces and aligners.

Over time, Dr. Saeed’s interest directed back towards surgical procedures. Encouraged by this motivation, he embraced the challenge of expanding his skills in surgery. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a transformative journey that would eventually lead Dr. Saeed to specialize in full-arch procedures, including implant bridges.

Through networking and learning from experienced dental professionals in his area, Dr. Saeed gained invaluable insights and eventually established himself in his particular niche.

Venturing Into Full-Arch Dentistry 

Dr. Saeed’s practice has been offering full-arch procedures for the past six to seven years, with remarkable success. The focus of his practice revolves around providing comprehensive full-arch solutions to patients who have cases that may have been deemed too complex by other practices.  

One principle that guides Dr. Saeed is to only offer treatments that he would choose for his own family. This commitment to providing the highest level of care and focusing on treatments that he truly believes in creates a level of trust and reassurance for his patients.  

By specializing in full-arch procedures, Dr. Saeed has positioned himself as a go-to expert for patients seeking transformative dental solutions. 

In his years of expertise, he has been able to strike a balance between what he calls “instant gratification” procedures and an expert status in addressing comprehensive full-arch cases. This was achieved through the help of digital dentistry. It has enabled him to perform these procedures at the rate and quality he has maintained.  

Embracing Digital Technology

As Dr. Saeed’s practice grew, the challenges associated with traditionally analog methods became evident. The cost of lab services for conversions and prosthetics was a major concern.

Seeking a streamlined and cost-effective solution, they turned to digital technology. The turning point came when a representative introduced them to equipment they needed for their digital workflow. This enabled them to eventually fabricate their own final restorations.

Through his network, Dr. Saeed was then able to gain practical guidance on digital protocols that continue to guide his practice today.

Transitioning to a digital workflow was not without its hurdles. Dr. Saeed and his team invested in every necessary component of the digital process, including scanners, printers, and a zirconia fabricator.  

Implementing digital technology required significant investment, time, and effort to develop the team’s proficiency in operating the equipment and designing customized prosthetics. However, the investment paid off in terms of improved efficiency, enhanced patient experience, and increased patient satisfaction.  

Dr. Saeed’s practice now boasts the capability to provide same-day prosthetic restorations, saving both patients and the practice time and money. As a unit they were able to commit to the digital transformation, and this spirit of collaboration and learning is a key driving force of their success. 

Collaboration & Learning

Throughout his webinar, Dr. Saeed emphasizes the significance of collaboration. 

He attributes the success of his practice to the collective efforts of his skilled team members, with each one playing a vital role in providing comprehensive care to patients. From dental assistants to lab technicians, each member plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional patient care.  

This synergy among team members allows for smooth workflow and efficient patient management. Dr. Saeed believes that nurturing a strong team dynamic, combined with a commitment to continuous learning, is essential for staying at the forefront of the field. 

Another cornerstone in Dr. Saeed’s clinic culture is the importance of continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field.

Attending conferences, webinars, and workshops, he constantly seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and refine his skills. This dedication to professional growth not only benefits the dentist but also ensures that patients receive the most up-to-date and effective treatments available.

The landscape of digital dentistry is ever evolving. Strategies like these have become invaluable in making sure that your practice stays relevant and competitive.

Producing Full-Arch Cases Everyday

As Dr. Saeed and Ace Dental Center have proven in their years of practice, specializing in the more comprehensive niches of dentistry is made possible by bridging both human expertise and innovative technology. 

Digital dentistry, in all its complexities, has the unique capacity to empower practices to handle a wide array of cases. It also brings a renewed hope to patients who might have had trouble seeking treatment in the past.  

Evident Digital is committed to equip practices of any size to succeed in their own digital dentistry ventures. With our wide range of services including design services, digital CAD/CAM enablement and secure patient data storage, we understand that each business’s unique needs also warrant unique solutions.  

We dedicate our team and their expertise to helping practices achieve success using best-fit best practices in digital dentistry. Discover how you can secure a place in the future of dentistry and learn more about Evident Digital today.


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